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Collision Repair

Today’s complex vehicles require the top of the line specialized equipment and training.  Joe's Body Shop Inc. has an ultra-clean and modern state-of-the-art auto body and paint repair facility with all of the very best equipment necessary to safely repair your accident-damaged automobile.

We provide FREE Computerized Damage Estimates along with Digital Imaging Photography on the damage to your vehicle. With your approval, we can e-mail, fax or transmit this information on the Internet directly to your insurance company or other involved party to expedite repairs.

Auto body repairs are always done with safety, quality and fit and finish workmanship a top priority. Most of this work is “Hand Finished” – meaning the technician is closely monitoring all stages of the final repair.
24-hour Towing

Towing is available 24 hours a day. Call our staff for assistance at 402-464-1114, or call Capital Towing INC. at (402) 475-7676 and tell them to secure and deliver your vehicle directly to us. If your car is with another towing company, tell them to tow it to Joe's Body Shop Inc. Remember, we will pay for the initial tow bill, and will include that cost in the final repair bill to the responsible party.

Rental Car

Enterprise Rental Cars are available for your transportation needs during the time your car is in for repairs. Most insurance companies have this benefit included in your insurance policy. If the accident was not your fault, and the other insurance company is covering the repair costs, you are entitled to a replacement vehicle.

Contact us for assistance, or you may call the local Enterprise office direct at (403) 477-6000. They are only a few blocks away, and they will pick you up at our doorstep, help you select a vehicle that you are comfortable driving, and will direct bill most insurance companies for this expense.

We also provide written Hunter Computerized Four Wheel and Front End Alignment specification reports to assure that all suspension repairs are true and straight.

Customer Service

An automobile accident is certainly a stressful inconvenience. The average consumer only has three accidents in their lifetime; so trying to locate a trust worthy repair shop can often times be frustrating and confusing. Our team of professionals is dedicated to assisting you through this process.

Our I-CAR and ASE trained and certified technicians and painter’s stay abreast of the latest technology needed to safely and professionally repair your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

A “Written Lifetime Limited Warranty” on our workmanship is provided on all repairs, and is of great value and peace of mind to all of our customers who have their accident-damaged vehicle repaired with us.

If you were involved in a car accident, you obviously want to deal with only the best professionals that have you, the owner of the vehicle in mind.

Feel Free to CALL US if you have any questions, or if we might be of further service.